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Gransfors Bruks Swedish Carving Axe By Gransfors Bruks

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The chief advantage is good balance and a lot of control of your swing. Your hand is always closer to the blade, which gives you better coordination. The axe head is forged from C50 high-grade carbon steel and hardened to HRC. This makes for a tough, durable axe head that will keep its edge and stand up to heavy work.

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CRKT Birler has 1055 carbon steel compact axe that is unprecedented in its abilities to remain consistent and reliable. Before ordering, look for the details if there is an option to make custom orders. Getting a personalized axe for left-handed or right-handed people is also a popular habit. Warranty and return policy options are also needed to be checked carefully before placing the order. The best thing about this axe is, it is cheap yet looks expensive.

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Generally it is not kept as sharp because it deals with removing the bark. However, if the edges get blunt after use, you can sharpen the axe easily. The model is perfect for hewing beams and shaping wood.

It has two blades that will help you rough out and detail the shapes you need. The axe is made from high-quality steel and holds its edge even after carving out tools like mallets out of ironwood. It’s also suitable for splitting, chopping, and starting fires.

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Ideally the grain runs parallel to the length of the handle. This provides the greatest handle strength and prevents breaking. Other than length, handles have a few characteristics that should be considered when purchasing an axe. Husqvarna produces a hand-forged hatchet that has a lot to offer. With a long handle and heavier-than-average weight, it’s possible to put a lot of force behind your swings.


The axes are VERY sharp and will readily cut a sheath that is not put on with care. This product is best for people who want a cost-effective axe for small carving projects. A Lot of artistic wood carving can be seen in europe. Their robust renaissance age combined with plenty of resources amounted to various works of art that can be seen all over the entire world. Every civilization that you know has had word and used it for multiple purposes, in this case, wood carving. Carving axes are made for a specific purpose and treated as a tool, just like how your parents might have tools that lasted decades since they were made for that purpose.

  • Users like how the notch allows for tremendous dexterity.
  • It’s a great carving axe because of its weight and handle ergonomics.
  • It was more challenging than working with green hickory, which is perfect and buttery, but if all you have is sawn lumber, don’t let that stop you.
  • With the cold temperatures and low humidity of this past winter, I noticed for the first time ever a very slight loosening of my adze handle.
  • Using hand tools to carve spoons is best done with freshly cut ‘green’ wood.

I picked up the other hatchet in the photo a couple of months ago for eight dollars at an antique shop. It is dull, lightly pitted from best wood axe brands rust, and the handle rattles around in its eye. In short, I thought it would make a good example for a tutorial on tuning up axes.

Husqvarna Wooden Curved Carpenter Axe

A chop axe for hewing bowls and other wooden objects, artistic wood carving and architectural work. The axe has a 4 1/3″ face and a 14″ hickory handle and the head weighs 2 lb. The standard version of the carving axe is the double bevel.

I know the looks should not judge a curving tool, but the rust-proof material of the blade is genuinely praiseworthy. Apart from all these issues, I still suggest this for people who rarely go camping. For occasional use, this cheap hatchet will do the job quite well. For a beginner on a budget, this one can be an excellent choice to try your luck.

You could opt for any of the above axes, based on your preferences. However, you should lean towards longer handle lengths if you’re looking for something versatile. The axe comes with a traditional leather protective sheath. The sheath is sturdy, well-made, and has a welt to protect the bit edge.

Best Carving Axe Review

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Like weight, length is a critical factor when making a buying decision. A longer handle allows more power to be exerted behind each swing, which makes longer handles the better choice for clearing and chopping applications. A shorter handle allows for greater control of the swing, which makes it the better choice for detail-oriented tasks like carving. The axes on this list range from 1 pound to 2.24 pounds .

It arrives with a leather sheath and a golden mark of ‘Prandi’ on the head. For safety issues, the head arrives dull, and you need to sharpen it before use. On the other hand, the gransfors bruks carving axe handle also has a glaze of varnish so that it comes to you intact, without any scratch, and so on. So, you have to sand out the varnish from the handle and apply oil on it too.

Gransfors Bruks Carving Hatchet

A good axe head should be made of high-quality carbon steel. The steel should be hardened to at least 53 HRC on the Rockwell scale. In general, the higher the hardness rating (58-59 is ideal), the better.

  • As with all Gransfors Bruk hatchets and axes, you can trust that the wildlife hatchet is made of high quality materials.
  • Most simply you need a saw and several sharp wedges .
  • I would advise staying away from the Mora spoon knives .
  • The handle has a nice curve to it, allowing for a comfortable grip while working, and is finished with a light coat of oil to protect the wood and your hands.

The head weighs 1.25 pounds, giving it plenty of force on the down swing. Built in a foundry that’s been operational for centuries, this Hult Bruk axe is one of the highest quality axes on this list. Its axe head comprises of Swedish steel that was struck multiple times to increase its density. As a result, it is extremely durable and can handle a variety of tasks. The head construction involves a tempered zone that will hold a very sharp edge even after you sharpen it multiple times. You’ll have an easy time with a carving axe that has a shorter handle.

Swedish Carving Ax

Campers are the main users of carving and carpeting axes and hatchets. This same tool benefits them from chopping down trees or making firewood and curve out woods to make bowls and spoons. However, we have created a list of and hatchets of different manufacturers to make your wood carving a little bit easier. Axe is an expensive tool, and choosing one is tricky.

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